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What is HuViz?

HuViz is a Semantic Web graph visualization engine which uses a powerful system of interactions which can be captured to produce replayable scripts. It is rather like SQL (the Structured Query Language) but applied to the task of creating graph visualizations. It runs as a stand-alone site and can be integrated into other sites as a visualizer for their graph content.

Pages about HuViz


Papers and Presentations Mentioning HuViz

Development and Issues

Wireframes for future directions


The commands in HuViz can be thought of as moving nodes around among various sets, where each set behaves in a particular way on screen.


The Verbs are the operations which move nodes between the various sets, ie sets of nodes in particular states.


Install huviz from github

git clone

Installation (for running the server)

# install NodeJS using NVM for most flexibility
# known to work on NodeJS >= v6.11.3
# (as of this writing, the latest Long Term Support version)

# Install `nvm` using the curl command in 'Install Script'.
# Then quit that Terminal window and start a new one to make sure its firing up automatically.
# There are tips at the bottom of the NVM README in case of problems.

# Then install the LTS version of `node` itself like this:
nvm install --lts

# Make sure you've got a suitable version of Node
node -v # expecting v6.11.3 or later

# Then do classic normal npm stuff
npm install # install needed modules

Running the server

npm start


Running the server during development

npm run watch

Running CLI tests

THIS IS CURRENTLY DISABLED during the decaffeination process.

npm run watch

# bail on first error
BAIL=1 npm run watchTest

uses and

Developing quaff-lod

Run the auto build process while you are editing src/quaff-lod-worker.js

$ cd quaff-lod
$ npm run watch

Run the development version of huviz and tell it where to find the dev version of quaff-lod

$ cd huviz
$ QUAFF_PATH=../quaff-lod/ npm run watch


Finite state machine

Demo of finite state machine diagram

Demo of CWRC subject-centric data

Demo of moderately dense graph

3191 Nodes

Graph of 3191 nodes pulled from CWRC SPARQL

System Diagram

HuViz System Diagram